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Trade Credit for Used Books! (We don't pay cash.) We look at the books you bring, and once we've selected the titles we think we can resell, we offer approx. 1/2 of our estimated retail price as a credit. Your credit then pays for up to 50% of the price of used books and up to 25% of the price of any other items: new books, stationery or any orders (new or used).

For example: you bring in a stack of books we can use and we intend to price them at a total of $20. You receive a $10 credit which is entered into our database. 

-You find a $4 used book. Your credit pays for $2 (50% of the price), you pay $2 plus CA sales tax in actual money, & you have an $8 credit balance.


-You find a $4 new book. Your credit pays for $1 (25% of the price). You'll be asked to pay the remaining $3 plus sales tax in cash (or charge card), and you'll still have $9 in credit.

For best results: Receive our monthly emails to learn about any policy changes, community issues, and all of our discounts and events. And if we find photos or keepsakes tucked into the pages of your books, we like to be able to get them back to you! New books are ordered weekly for local pick-up & just about any reprints or classics are available!!

We trade books for store credit anytime we're open, except the last hour of the day, and we do very much appreciate a call beforehand if you have more than a few grocery bags full. Picture ID is required. We keep the credit balance in our database. Please make at least one purchase a year to keep your credit active. We don't pay cash.  

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