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Through January 2016 we are continuing to collect books for 1-5 years olds!!  Reach Out and Read is a national program that distributes books to kids who need them through their pediatrician's visits, and parents educated on the importance of reading and brain development! This year our books gathered are going straight to the UCSD High Risk Infant Follow-Up Program.


BLUESTOCKING BLAST... A wee brochure/pamphlet/flyer that changes monthly with our book specials, recommendations for favorite places to read, independent business in the neighborhood that we especially dig , and what these booksellers are reading on our own time (as tempted as we are, we are not reading when we should be putting books out for sale... really!). If you are into this retro concept, or if you have friends or family who don't want to be bogged down behind blue screenlight reading a website, we have the Bluestocking Blast flyer for you! 

We are carefully choosing magazines to provide best-sellers that our customers love. If there's a magazine you'd like to reserve on a monhly basis, let us know! Search our current offerings under keyword MAGS in our book inventory browser.

We have in new Anne Made greeting cards. Animal Art by Anne Davis. Nicely priced, whimsically illustrated, featuring dogs and cats who love books & pie. Come & see how cute a Rastafarian-inspired poodle & tuxedo cat can be! 


Friends and neighbors, did you know...

Shopping at small businesses ensures that a higher percentage of the dollars you spend stay in your local community. Local businesses hire more locals, shop local themselves and tend to bank locally (we do!). This combines to generate more tax dollars that fund local schools and fix roads. This is good, right? Say yes, because half my friends and clients are teachers and librarians :D! Really, there are shopping studies that prove these facts to be true. And while you are googling that, don't forget to look up studies that show reading traditional books rather than electronic ones helps the attention span and costs less money overall!

When you shop with Bluestocking Books, you are funding three local gals who care about books, literacy, Hillcrest and you. We feel privileged to assist you and we love the community this bookshop provides: Unlimited learning, connecting to humanity and its creativity via the written word! We live in an era that has access to writing throughout history , so let's enjoy it - together! What we don't have in stock we are happy to track down and order for you Thanks for shopping locally, booklovers.

Catch the sounds of Hillcrest! Thanks to Jeff Smith for including Bluestocking Books in the Hillcrest edition of KSDS City Stories - and thanks to Sally Tinker Smith too!

Bluestocking Books is pleased to be offering vetted collections and items for sale via eBay!  Visit our listings here: http://www.ebay.com/usr/bluestockingsandiego

-Updated Trade Credit Policy as of July 1, 2014. Click on the link to get the scoop, skinny and low-down when you scroll-down. If you have credit from a previous policy, original rules apply, but new trade-ins will fall into the current trade credit.

-Book Traders, GREAT NEWS! Since the re-retirement of The Bookman organization, we found a new source to pick-up the books we cannot give trade credit for:  Jesse,  a kind young man who is attempting to fill the Bookman's great shoes and distribute books for free around town. So you can bring in books and know that if we can't use them they will go to a good cause!

- We now carry postcards and bookmarks exclusively available here & designed by Dawn - totally cool and only $.80 each!

- Every day we look into any new title or author you may request. If it's not available new, we can navigate the used book world online for you. Any book can be shipped right to you, your colleague, friend or loved one.

- OMG! Get techy with it! Join our fan page on Facebook: Bluestocking Books

- For best service please use our old fashioned email or telephone. info@bluestockingbooks.com (619)296-1424

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

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