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Bluestocking Books is pleased to be offering vetted collections and items for sale via eBay!  Visit our listings here: http://www.ebay.com/usr/bluestockingsandiego

UPDATED POLICY as of July 1, 2014: Trade Credit for Used Books: Our current credit policy is outlined here. If you have credit from a previous policy, those rules apply, but new trade-ins will fall into the current trade credit equation below:

We trade books for store credit anytime we're open, except the last hour of the day, and we do very much appreciate a call beforehand if you have more than a few grocery bags full. Picture ID is required, and we strongly recommend that you leave your email address so that we can contact you, if needed. 

We keep any credit balance in our database. You only need to make at least one purchase a year to keep your credit active. We don't pay cash. We can't combine trade credit discounts with other discounts, such as educator, senior or book club/quantity discounts. But we can add friends or family members to your account if you'd like to share your credit. 

Once we've selected the used books we think we can resell, we will offer you 1/2 of our estimated retail price as a credit. Your credit can be applied to up to 50% off of in-store used books and up to 25% off of everything else: brand new books, stationery, ephemera, records, posters, and of course anything we order for you (new or used). 

For example: you bring in a stack of books we can use and we intend to price them at a total of $20. You receive a $10 credit which is entered into our database. 

-You find a $4 used book. We pull your name up & your credit pays for $2, you pay $2 plus sales tax in actual money. Credit pays for up to 50 Percent OFF all in-store used books. 

-You find a $4 new book. We pull up your account & your credit pays for $1. You'll be asked to pay the remaining $3 plus sales tax in cash (or charge card). Credit pays for up to 25 Percent OFF everything other than in-store used books; new bestsellers & classics but we also have birthday cards, postcards, blank journals, as well as antique postcards, posters, ephemera and even some antiques & records. 


Book Traders, GREAT NEWS! Since the re-retirement of The Bookman organization, we found a new source to pick-up the books we cannot give trade credit for:  Jesse,  a kind young man who is attempting to fill the Bookman's great shoes and distribute books for free around town. So you can bring in books and know that if we can't use them they will go to a good cause!

- We now carry postcards and bookmarks exclusively available here & designed by Dawn - totally cool and only $.80 each!

- Every day we look into any new title or author you may request. If it's not available new, we can navigate the used book world online for you. Any book can be shipped right to you, your colleague, friend or loved one.

- OMG! Get techy with it! Join our fan page on Facebook: Bluestocking Books

- For best service please use our old fashioned email or telephone. info@bluestockingbooks.com (619)296-1424

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

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Scary Stories Box Set
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