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Our October specials are perfect to unsettle your mind while you settle in to drink tea, cozy up on the couch and maybe even light a fire in the hearth. Okay, it's not that cold, but it will be! In the meantime, let the master of suspense, fantasy & horror send shivers down your spine. A selection of new books by Stephen King are 20% off all month, including special orders! And speaking of your special requests, it's a good time to think towards the gifts of the winter months and Holiday Gift-Giving Season! Quotes are free! Just ask and we'll let you know availability. If you're picking up your new book order at the bookshop, shipping is free

Scary Fun Specials, now 20% off!

It by Stephen King

$19.99 deluxe paperback Now 20% off= $14.99 Seven adults return to their hometown in Maine to confront a childhood nightmare, an evil without a name.


Carrie by Stephen King

$7.99 paperback Now 20% off = $6.39

A shy teenager bullied by her classmates exacts revenge at prom with her terrifying hidden powers.

On Writing: A Memoir of Craft by Stephen King

$17 paperback Now 20% off = $13.60

Not just a how-to manual, but an exploration of the experiences, habits and convictions that have shaped King' and his work.

But wait, there's more! During October, we'll have a selection of other new books by Stephen King. If you'd liike to read or revisit something, special orders of his work are 20% off all month long. What a great opportunity to scare yourself silly!
Reach Out and Read, Yearlong Book Drive
We host an annual Book Drive for Reach Out and Read, collecting new books for babies and toddlers. In the last two years, the donations have stayed in the community and been presented to little ones participating in the UCSD High Risk Infant Follow-Up Program. It's still a great Holiday Tradition to be Secret Santa for little babies who may be receiving their first book ever, but your generosity means we've expanded the season of giving to include the whole year. It's never too early (or too late) to spread the word: reading is the best! It gets youngsters ready for school and future success. And it's so much fun. We have nicely-priced board books and can order many of your favorites. Check in by Tuesday and most of our special orders come in by Friday.
What can we do for you?

We want to be your go-to neighborhood bookshop, wherever you are. We special order books (new and used), can ship to you and your loved ones in the U.S. and worldwide (join our free shipping club for domestic orders). 

To see what we have in stock, check our website where we refresh our inventory daily. A small percentage of items don't appear online, so give us a call or email info@bluestockingbooks.com and we'll check the stacks. 

We offer trade credit for books you bring in which we feel our customers will love. The trade credit you earn provides a discount towards purchase of other books and items in the store. If you're getting a used book, the trade credit can pay for up to 50% while trade credit pays for up to 25% of the price of new books, gift items & special orders. Give your gently used books a new life by passing them along to other book lovers. And find some new-to-you treasures!

--We are excited to introduce The Bluestocking Books Free Shiping Club. For $50/` year or $25/6 mos, unlimited media shipping is yours! Order via the website, by phone or in-person. Ship to yourself, or bookloving friends & family in the U.S. or on any military base. Media rate packages usually take only a day or two to arrive within Southern California and may get there within five business days elsewhere (allow up to two weeks, just in case), so when it's inconvenient to make a trip into the neighborhood or to find parking once you get here, this option makes it easier. We love to be your go-to store, even if you don't go to our street address every time. 
$50 = 12 regular single book shipments. We ship with clean packing materials and reuse paper and cardboard to reduce impact on our world. Plus, with your name in our database you are racking up an additional 7.5% off your purchases with continued shopping. If you like shopping local & want to turn friends and family on to Bluestokcing Books, we want you in our club!

to read about order trade credit policy

Reach Out and Read (ROAR) will distribute the baby and kids books we collected in December and January to little ones participating in the UCSD Medical Center At-Risk Baby Program. Thanks to everyone who gave so generously to make our annual book drive such a heart-warming success. 55 Books means 55 babies will have a smile on their faces when they fo to their appointment and their doctor gives them a book - for some of them it will be the first book in their library. A growing library = a growing brain, a growing heart, a growing worldview. Thanks for sowing the seeds of book-reading love! 

Kris wrote a little letter. She wants to say thanks for supporting our Boost Bluestocking campaign last year at this time. Here it is:

Hello Booklovers!

As 2016 rolls to a close I wanted to take a few minutes to write you a letter. About this time last year I put out the call for donations & visits and it was so amazing how your kindness affected us all. I just needed to tell you again how we have been really grateful. Thanks to you we felt the boost in sales & the crowdfunding met its goal so I caught up with some overdue bills, invested in a big, safe ladder & computer upgrades! My attitude and health improved. I think the whole experience enabled all of us to continue with a greater sense of purpose as well. 

Staff here has somehow increased inventory and sales to accommodate significant increases over the years, including over $1grand/mo. more than orig. amount of rent **puffs w/pride** but we have not met my goal to have 2.5 employees at the $15/hr min. ))GGgRRrrawr((  So I plot, I scheme, I make lists and pull this centuries-old tradition of trade forward. I ponder how to make the value equal the $$due. That's philosophical...and sometimes feels like I am pulling a string on a sitting elephant, but as an effort not to simply raise prices, we are adding more inventory & tinkering further on the website marching forth.

Thanks also for recommending us to others and certainly any person who wishes to contribute funds may do so directly as a few people already have to my great surprise & delight. Of course all local purchases & contributions further support the neighborhood's continued upkeep with walkable areas to shop, dine, attend theater & have fun. Safe sidewalks, streetlights, wheelchair ramps, bike racks, pretty lights on the trees, events & street fairs +much more upkeep are costs partially paid by local biz. This diversity with all these rad features is reflected right here in our ever-changing inventory of used books and ephemera. A 'local book geography" of sorts. 

So, Hello 2017! Besides the same daily service, orders and deliveries, there shall be: a new "lot" of books into database asap-approx. another 1000 titles yay! Reach Out and Read Book Drive lasts through January - we will round up books for kiddies for as long as the holidays can be tastefully stretched! Utilizing more features at the website - the biggest frontier for growth that just takes time we carve out from daily demands as possible. New HS intern begins in January. Perhaps set up a blog for bookstore topics...

AND I CAME UP WITH THIS: FREE SHIPPING for $50/1 year or $25/6 months  www.bluestockingbooks.com, phone or in-person orders. Ship to yourself or friends in the U.S. or any military base, Media Mail rates. Packages usually take only a day or two within Southern California, so I thought this might avoid impossible/inconvenient trips into Hillcrest yet enable us to be Your Bookstore. ($50 = 12 reg 1 book shipments. Plus with your name in our database you are racking up an additional 7.5% off your books!) We reuse paper & clean shipping materials to lower the impact. I don't know what this scheme is called yet. NOT Bluestocking Prime. hahaha

Your love of reading and sharing the books that are important & fun for you is a constant inspiration. How the books lead to conversations as you browse. How you recognize a picture cover from the past. This is one of the more amazing things about books; though they are themselves not alive or plugged-in, they perpetuate and generate connectivity between living beings. It's so magical! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of that magic here at 3817 Fifth Avenue, San Diego. We love what we do and continue to do it because we want this tradition of reading and sharing to continue for many more generations. 

Kris Nelson

Bookseller since 1988

Bluestocking Books owner since 1999



Would you like a book? Human interaction is easy! Call and ask about anything or for more details on a current listing here at the website :D

We may not always have the perfect book in stock but we can usually order one. If you're looking for a favorite edition of a treasured book to share with a loved one, maybe a next generation New Reader, this is the perfect time to order for the Holidays... or maybe get a li'l something as a special gift for Yourself!
We are a "brick-n-mortar" REAL BOOKSHOP where magical life-changing books are discovered, toddlers squeal in delight at the sight of a book they recognize, old friends strolling together find common loves in literature & history, true loves meet and dogs sit politely for a treat. Yes, there are random philosophical quotes uttered aloud and books recommended by friends and strangers alike. We are community whether we know you or not, fellow reader and booklover: welcome to our tradition! Our street address has housed a bookstore since 1967; the 3rd owner & staff (for ~17 years now!) intend to carry on the full-service neighborhood bookshop customs as long as there is a demand. We stock mostly used books and order both new and used books -just inquire. We have regular deliveries for the classic reprints and new releases. 

Hours of operation are:
       11am-7pm Monday - Thursday
       9am-9:30pm Friday & Saturday
       9am-5pm Sundays 
Please note: we will be closed Thursday Nov 24 for Thanksgiving. Have a safe, delicious Holiday!

3817 Fifth Avenue 
San Diego CA, 92103 

If you can't find what you like please fill out our off-line search form and we will search our off-line inventory, other bookstores and book search services for you. Or just give us a ring! Thanks - BsB


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