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call (619) 296-1424 or email [email protected]
3817 Fifth Avenue, San Diego CA 92103
Summer - a great time to read!
It's in the air here - the hot sunshine, the fresh ocean breezes, the perfect reading-under-a-huggable-tree weather. Let's focus on what we can do during the Covid19 Crisis to stay safe and still enjoy life: the perusing, buying, reading & sharing of wonderful old (& new) books!
Operating every day 11am-6pm
WE REALLY (RILLY!) APPRECIATE WHATEVER YOU CAN DO TO REDUCE OUR EXPOSURE - please call, email or order online and avoid unnecessary trips to anywhere! We celebrate seeing our friends & neighbors again, but are committed to health & safety. Thank you for supporting all the independent businesses that keep our world vibrant & colorful!
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, come through the door to explore
We are following best practices to keep staff & the community as safe as possible!
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday curbside pick-up / phone-in / we ship worldwide!
(If emailing your request, please add us to your email address book!!)
For new titles, browse our shop at (a cool indie collective alternate to Amazon)
It bears repeating... Follow safest practices when you are with us and shop happy!
  • Do not enter with a fever or cough, any symptoms of illness or if you have recently been ill
  • Do not enter if you are in a high-risk group or are feeling under the weather
  • Wear a secure mask covering nose and mouth at all times - no exceptions
  • No drinks or food - check your bags
  • Keep a minimum of 6 feet distance from others
  • Maintain clean hands
  • Don't touch your face - or your cell phone - please!
  • If bringing in books to trade - CALL AHEAD
  • BEST FOR ALL: Stay home - call it in & have it mailed to you! We ship daily - worldwide!
Trading Again - NEW ERA: PLEASE CALL AHEAD and get on our calendar for the day you'd like to bring books for trade. Books for Trade-Credit Discount only - we do not buy books for cash. PLEASE: only trade if you have felt well during the last several weeks. Scroll down after clicking here for our trade credit discount policy
--We are topping out at about 7 people in the bookshop
--All shop with some distance and masks on :D
--We promise clean hands and have not exhibited any flu-like symptoms anytime recently and we are complying with all OSHA recommendations possible & applicable.
--Phone-in (619) 296-1424 or email us [email protected] and we reply! We look up everything you request :D
--Our inventory is updated daily HERE - the Search bar up top there - give it a try! Ask about anything that pops up or ask for what you don't find. We take requests :)
*when emailing, please add us to your address book
& pls include your phone# for best results
We ship daily, as always...
MEDIA MAIL $3.99 for the 1st book, $2.00 per book after that
PRIORITY MAIL $7.99 for the 1st book, $2.00 each after that
-unless really big & heavy ...we'll work it out!
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Purchase securely right there & your new books will be delivered to you or your loved ones directly. Or you can find us in there by our zip code: 92103. Our shop there is curated by us personally for you based on frequent requests, client favorites, and staff picks! supports Independent Bookshops by giving a % of all sales to all shops involved (!) and sales via our portal (above or use zip code 92103) benefit us more. (!) This website was founded in direct opposition to what has done to the book industry :D
You can also find us at, a used & collectible book shopping website made up of many book dealers like us. We list our unique collectible selections and ephemera there, titles published prior to the early 1970s, cool retro pamphlets, quirky magazines or small press publications without an ISBN. They will find you through AbeBooks! Shop there securely or call us directly about any item and we can send more details.
-Stay well & keep reading!-
How can we help? Please ask!
Please hold book trades for us (we still want them!) for when the Coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. We don't want this virus to be transmitted from anyone to anyone in our space! We are working on a new policy to accomodate- stay tuned.
Lots of folks are looking around right now, seeing who needs extra help or a kind word of support... and it turns out it's all of us. This unprecedented moment in our lives is an opportunity to be of service to our friends and neighbors, in both little and big ways. A smile is sometimes all it takes..... A SMILE IN YOUR EYES BECAUSE THEY CAN"T SEE YOUR MOUTH UNDER A SOCIALLY CONSIDERATE MASK RIGHT? of course ;)
With these kids, a book can make all the difference! Our Reach Out & Read Baby Book Drive still needs books. All year long we collect for little ones participating in the UCSD High-Risk Infant Follow-Up Program. A doctor shopping here last season told us that after the first pediatric check-up, when parents and babe get a free book and a word about making time to cuddle & read, baby comes back more engaged & talking more at the very next visit! He said he loves being a part of this program & so do we! If you'd like to give, choose an amount that works for you and your family and we will select an appropriate book for this charitable cause. Guaranteed to make you feel good & make a baby smile.
6/12/20 Thanks everyone for adapting to our options to serve you! With our beloved Hillcrest hit especially hard by Covid-19, we are thinking of our friends & neighbors and really extra grateful for everyone ordering books to be shipped to home and pre-arranging safe pick-ups, greeting us safely with mask in place.
To support other artists and small businesses in your area, please consider some classics:
1) Gift Card - buying a gift card can give a small biz some capital and you get your good stuff later (if buying for yourself) or treat a friend or family member to a virtual hug!
2) Tip Jar - if you just want to give to local, neighborhood businesses, it's a traditional way to support any low wage workers or people who are not supported by paid leave, retirement account, etc... We're all neighbors looking out for each other.
Be safe, be strong, keep smiling & keep reading!

Welcome to Bluestocking Books!


This creaky-floored space has been a bookshop for 53 years in 2020; Used books, a selection of new books and recent releases, greetings cards & postcards, booky gift items & antique items all flow in and find new homes with our book-loving community, both local and far-flung. We're shipping daily, worldwide, and enjoy the personal connections with visitors from every state and every country who come to 3817 5th Avenue and breathe a gentle sigh, saying "Ah, this feels like home." This is a place where old (and not so old) titles get rediscovered, sometimes for the first time. Toddlers make a beeline for their section and squeal with delight seeing a book they recognize. Dogs sit politely for a treat and sometimes do a trick. Old friends find new things to talk about and new friends discover each other, occasionally resulting in True Love! (Browser beware!)