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Visit Bluestocking Books at 3817 Fifth Avenue in Hillcrest, San Diego, California.


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*Thanks to Jeff Smith for including us in his Hillcrest edition of City Stories, on KSDS (and thanks to Sally Tinker-Smith too). Hear the sounds of Hillcrest and the bookshop! 


*In September 2015, retailers all over the U.S. were unprepared for the new chip cards... but Bluestocking Books was way ahead of the curve!  Check out this report from 10 News San Diego, and spot your favorite bookmonger!


*Shopping at small businesses ensures that a higher percentage of the dollars you spend stay in your local community. Local businesses hire more locals, shop local themselves and tend to bank locally (we do!). This combines to generate more tax dollars that fund local schools and fix roads. This is good, right? (Say yes, because half my friends and clients are teachers and librarians :D!) Really, there are shopping studies that prove these facts to be true. And while you are googling that, don't forget to look up  studies like this (or this)that show reading traditional books rather than electronic ones helps the attention span and costs less money overall!


*Memories of Bluestocking Books


In May 2015, on the occasion of our 15th Anniversary, we thanked you - our beloved clientele - for the many happy memories you have given us & asked you to share your Bluestocking Books memories.  The following was messaged to us by Mija:


     "Happy 15th Anniversary, Bluestocking Books! When I think of HOW MANY ways you have been a part of my life over the last decade and a half, I come to three key events: You're the first store I went to when I needed Recovery books when I was new in sobriety... You're the best place to find resources for my degree program INCLUDING Gay History and Lesbian Fiction... you carry the best feminist magazines in town... and you're willing to take trades when I'm running out of room for my book addiction. Considering you've completely out-lived BORDERS, you've taught us all that it's not the SIZE that matters, it's the SOUL.  May you be here in another 15 years--You've held my hand through my 20's and 30's... through sobriety, losing my parents, getting through college and living life AUTHENTICALLY -- I'll look forward to buying my SENIOR reading materials in my 50's."


 Thanks Mija - Hey watch who you calling Senior!! :)  Hildie wrote a lovely note: 


     "Happy Birthday!  This is a friendly island of literacy and knowledge in a society increasingly devoid of bookstores.  Many happy returns!  And best wishes for at least 15 more!"


 Thank you, Hildie!  You said it well.  This one comes to us from Sally in La Jolla:


     "Thank you for the genuinely friendly place to browse at complete leisure - a seldom found thing these days.  The essence of being civilized.  And all those interesting books!"

Thank you, Sally, for sharing the friendly energy!  Another 15th anniversary Bluestocking memory was shared from author and book lover Alice Hartsuyker:


     "Congratulations on 15 years of providing books to your loyal patrons. I am one of them. I have an interesting story for your anniversary book:

One day, I walked into the store and Mary said: 'Alice, there is a man here who would like to meet you.' He was a tall, thin man in old-fashioned clothing who was looking for books that told about Jewish life. He was hoping to restore  the Jewish library in Vilnius, Lithuania which had been destroyed by the Nazis. Mary had told him about my book, a memoir called  My Mother's Daughter,  that told about life in the Jewish ghetto of the Lower East Side of New York City. He was interested so we gave him a book and wished him luck before he left.  Adventures in Bluestocking Books? Always."


 Alice's book, "My Mother's Daughter", is available for purchase at Bluestocking Books!  And...thank you, Tom Oliver, for sharing your precious testimonial:


     "I first walked in to Bluestocking Books 13 years ago, and fell in love. Not just with the adorable bookshop owner but with the rows of delicious smelling books that begged to be held and lovingly examined. What has ensued has been a ménage-a-trois between the store, my beautiful wife Kris and myself. And it's a good thing I am willing to share. Kris' love and dedication to the bookshop and its longtime customers is her life's passion, and providing a wide range of literature and interesting perturbations of the written word is a service she provides without compromise. Regulars know her commitment has provided Hillcrest with an institution of free-thinking and just plain fun reading. It has been my privilege to be her friend and supporter through the years."


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