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We ship daily - anywhere - new or used books!

-Stay well & keep reading!-
Dear Book Lovers, we're here for you, operating in the safety-sealed bookshop and working from home (Mary above!) because no matter what, the important things in life don't stop in a time of crisis. They become more nuanced, satisfying and precious. Sure, our devices & social media keep us connected to our support groups and our videos keep us educated and pleasantly distracted. Would you like to follow is?
Still craving more? BOOKS!?!? Take a deep dive inside of a book for comfort, spiritual solace, historical perspective, connection to the philosophy of a favorite author, or just to keep the mind limber.
*12noon-4pm daily - we're answering phones & shipping (619) 296-1424 or email to pre-arrange shipment - or for locals, curbside delivery during our limited hours. We'd prefer you stay safe at home & have books shipped. No browsing and trades at this time.
We ship daily, as always...
MEDIA MAIL $3.99 for the 1st book, $2.00 per book after that
PRIORITY MAIL $7.99 for the 1st book, $2.00 each after that
-unless really big & heavy ...we'll work it out!
How can we help? Please ask!
Whether you call it sheltering in place, home-schooling, nesting, sequestration, quarantine or retreat, we want to be your go-to bookshop while you can't get-to us IRL.
For best results, please use or email, or phone in your requests. 
For anything else just ask... we're listening!
WE SHIP DAILY to you and your loved ones, including military bases anywhere.
Locals - you may call/email to pre-arrange book pick-up btwn 12noon-4pm daily; books will be wrapped & waiting for you. 
ANNOUNCING OUR NEW WEBSITE FOR BRAND NEW BOOKS!! supports the independent bookshop community with every sale! Purchase securely right there & your new books will be delivered to you or your loved ones directly.
You can also find us at, a used & collectible book shopping website made up of many book dealers like us. We list our unique collectible selections and ephemera there, titles published prior to the early 1970s, cool retro pamphlets, quirky magazines or small press publications without an ISBN. They will find you through AbeBooks! Shop there securely or call us directly about any item! We can send more details ;)
For best results, browse here at the website and email / call in your request. 
You can also find us at for unique collectible books and ephemera. Books published prior to the early 1970s or small press publications without an ISBN have a special place at AbeBooks.
We are excited about a new indie bookstore platform alternative to amazon: BookShop Beta: a place to order new books. We're building a selection of titles there, which is just a drop in the bucket of an ocean of books available. Be sure to look up your author & title requests at our shop on BookShop Beta
Please hold book trades for us (we still want them!) for when the Coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. We don't want this virus to be transmitted from anyone to anyone in our space!
Lots of folks are looking around right now, seeing who needs extra help or a kind word of support... and it turns out it's all of us. This unprecedented moment in our lives is an opportunity to be of service to our friends and neighbors, in both little and big ways. A smile is sometimes all it takes.
With these kids, a book can make all the difference! Our Reach Out & Read Baby Book Drive still needs books. All year long we collect for little ones participating in the UCSD High-Risk Infant Follow-Up Program. A doctor shopping here last season told us that after the first pediatric check-up, when parents and babe get a free book and a word about making time to cuddle & read, baby comes back more engaged & talking more at the very next visit! He said he loves being a part of this program & so do we! If you'd like to give, choose an amount that works for you and your family and we will select an appropriate book for this charitable cause. Guaranteed to make you feel good & make a baby smile.



An April 2020 message from Kris Nelson, owner of Bluestocking Books

We appreciate whatever you can do to include us as your go-to local bookshop as you  find gifts for yourself and others, continue or renew ylour studies and catch up on general reading so we can continue to operate and serve a community we value. Basically this whole thing is awful - even if we get more reading time in, it's at a high cost and a lot of folks are working overtime to help the sick and to serve, wether by operating a bus, picking up our US mail, delivering packages, selling essential groceries or just generally keeping us all going. It's a great time to be extra kind, gentle and patient to ourselves and others.

If you want to support small businesses we have two 2-word powerhouses for you:
1) Gift Card - buying a gift card can give a small biz some capital and you get your good stuff later (if buying for yourself) or treat a friend or family member to a virtual hug!
2) Tip Jar - if you just want to give to local, neighborhood businesses, it's a traditional way to support any low wage workers or people who are not supported by paid leave, retirement account, etc... We're all neighbors looking out for each other.
Be safe, be strong, keep smiling & keep reading!

Welcome to Bluestocking Books!


This creaky-floored space has been a bookshop for 53 years in 2020; Used books, a selection of new books and recent releases, greetings cards & postcards, booky gift items & antique items all flow in and find new homes with our book-loving community, both local and far-flung. We're shipping daily, worldwide, and enjoy the personal connections with visitors from every state and every country who come to 3817 5th Avenue and breathe a gentle sigh, saying "Ah, this feels like home." This is a place where old (and not so old) titles get rediscovered, sometimes for the first time. Toddlers make a beeline for their section and squeal with delight seeing a book they recognize. Dogs sit politely for a treat and sometimes do a trick. Old friends find new things to talk about and new friends discover each other, occasionally resulting in True Love! (Browser beware!)