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A young man searching for the perfect time, the perfect woman, and the perfect life finds the rush he needs to sustain him by gambling his paycheck each week -- until his pursuit of the one big score changes everything.

Recently out of school and working as a paralegal on Wall Street, Tom Reasons is desperate to escape his ran-of-the-mill existence. Every week he wagers 90 percent of his paycheck on a game, an enterprise that brings only modest satisfaction -- steak and good booze when he wins, hot-dog dinners when he loses. So when the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself in the form of a high-stakes dart-throwing contest, Tom scrambles to raise the necessary $40,000. By the night of the big game, he has put his friendships, his romance, and his very life on the line.

In a fast-paced, funny excursion into New York's betting parlors, rock clubs, and assorted bedrooms -- and into Tom's heart and soul -- Frank Baldwin tells a tale that will resonate with the Generation X audience and with anyone who's ever bet a dollar on a dream.

"The often hilarious Reasons fast becomes compelling...whether he's fouling up his firm's attempt to screw the good guys, requesting a bank loan with $12 to his name, or scamming around New York's seedier dives to score the money for his biggest bet yet". -- Worth



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Description: TRADE PB [ 7/1998] [BALDWIN, FRANK]

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